Taing Yin Thar Restaurant Myanmar
About Us
Welcome to Our Restaurant
“Taing-Yin-Thar” Restaurant offers you a wide variety of dishes that come from various regions of Myanmar, authentically created by our master cooks from natural products of our beautiful land.The aim of our restaurant is to promote Myanmar’s food through cuisines originated by its peoples far and near.
We prepare our dishes in healthy style using fresh organic products and minimum amount of oil (and only pure peanut oil!!). We avoid using artificial products- such as MSG and food coloring.
We make sure that all dishes are freshly prepaared and cleanliness ensured in every stage of the process.
This is one special ingredient though that we add to each one of our dishes our “cetana”(compassion) something which peoples of Myanmar are known for having in abundance!! It is in our nature to offer food to friends and strangers alike and make everyone feel at home.

“Taing-Yin-Thar” is bron out of that “cetana”. Please allow us the privilege of offering you a test of Myanmar- and a memory you will forever cherish of our beautiful land and beautiful people!

Please note that we try to describe our dishes with names internationally known which may not be correct in all cases. Your comments for improvement most welcome!